Reliable Sites to Get Birthday Gifts

So. The time has come again. I know that I end up complaining about this every year, but I’ve never actually made a Blog about it before, so this is the very first time I’m going to do it and it hopefully it’s the last because hopefully I Stumble onto the secret formula to solve this problem for ever and it never becomes an issue for me again, and all of the rest of the years of my life go smoothly at this time of year. You must know what I’m talking about? I’m talking about my spouse’s birthday! I’m talking about buying a gift for my husband that actually shows how well I understand him and his wants and needs. The problem is… That I don’t understand his wants and needs any more than I did last year, maybe even less. Last year I bought him a great cooler.

I went to Survival Cooking— this great website, with great writing, about all sorts of great camping supplies and products. I just got in the best cooler, a Yeti cooler, and he was so pleased. He was like jumping for joy. He said something about the fact that I keep your beer cold for like 36 hours or something, which I think is crazy. But he needs it I guess. So now I’m like, how do I top that? And the answer is: I don’t know! I think that maybe I should buy him something a little more sentimental. He used to have this watch that he really loved, and he lost it while we were traveling a few years ago. I was searching for the best watches under 500, and I have to say that I saw a watch that looks almost identical. Doesn’t that seem like a really nice gift? I think so. I think it really does. I think I’m going to buy him the watch. I would love seeing it in our next meeting with our dear friend Dave Jenkins next week!

Unu Motors for a better environment

I recently read that the United Nations (UN) Department of Economic and Social Affairs expects the world population to surge by more than 2 billion by 2050.

About 75% of the 10 billion people have cities as an important social determinant of their health. It even added that the population might lead to worse air pollution anf other burden of diseases if it will not be prevented.

I read that study co-author Prof. Billie Giles-Corti suggested people and brands to create cities that promote health needs joined-up policies and input across multiple sectors: land use, transport, housing, economic development, urban design, health and community services, and public safety.

Unu Motors knows this concern that is why they have this innovation on introducing an alternative way of driving (without gas).

Their elektrische scooter is introduced to avoid harmful chemicals polluting the air and save energy and money. It also has a portable battery, which is really helpful for people who are always on the go for city adventure.

I am glad I have already shifted to this vehicle as I know this is my way of giving back to the environment and save our future generations.

Know How To Bake

Six years ago, I know nothing about baking. My mother and father knows how to bake. My sisters too! And I am the only one in the family who does not know how to whip up a good cake or even a cookie! Not that I do not want to learn. I just don’t have the time back then because I was finishing school. I mean, I can not juggle attending a baking class during the weekend because I need to finish my thesis or a research paper. I am always buried with research papers.

But when I graduated, I set the time to at least learn some. I started out with having tutorials with my mother, who will teach my two hours during Saturday and Sunday. I also give time for myself to watch YouTubbe tutorials on how to bake cake and cookies.

I also attended a few classes (a short course in fact, in one of the baking academies in the city). I learned a lot from it! From baking 101 to the use of every baking tools. Aside from that, I also met new found friends named Sam, Kimmie, and Geraldine. They all have their own baking shops and online shops.

Honesty, I am quite envy of them. I wanted to establish a small business, and eventually have a business website to reach greater market. I can actually incorporate mg college degree-which is entrepreneurship to my latest venture.

I am glad my parents and my husband are also supportive of this decision. I have already talked to some people who will be my partner. A year ago,  I held a charity event where I had a bake sale and the proceeds will go to Wilma’s Charity House for Kids. The charity is a house for abandoned kids and Wilma Seifert, the owner, will gladly help me in the marketing side.

Are you also an avid baker? Why not make a business out of it? Or are you a wannabe baker? You will get to your dream if you make time for it to learn and develop your skills! Go for it and just like me, I know you can do it also! Just keep on doing hard work!

In the meantime, I would like to share this video i found on YouTube which can help you in starting out.

Check this video tutorial if you want to start baking your own cakes and cookies!