Social media for business


With the advent of social media and other digital platforms in on the internet today, it is not surprising that more and more people venture in online business like never before. But before anything else, before jumping into that big decision if you want to pursue the same pathway of business, you must know yhw basics of having a digital business.


First is you need to have an office. A physical or even a rekore one. You need to have a base camp. And with thay base camp comes the tools needed. Basic and strong wifi signal (I highly recommend you have a wlan access point test first), office supplies, and your team. After that, plan your business structure, delegate task, manage your operrations and find sales. After which

Traveling in Venice

I saw tour companies offering walking tours and Grand Canal boat tours, but they are just too pricey! To scale-down costs, instead of taking the guided Grand Canal Tour, we bought an ACTV ticket which was valid for 24 hours, hop-on hop-off type, on vaporetto (water bus) in the City of Venice. It costed us €20 each, as opposed to €48 for an hour of Grand Canal boat tour. We bought the ACTV tickets from our hotel’s reception desk and I also brought with me my best 360 grad kamera . I love how my 360 camera has captured incredible sight! Before coming to Venice, I imagined myself on a gondola ride, sipping a glass of wine while being serenaded by the gondolier. And yet again, Venice is an expensive city. For a 30- minute gondola ride, it would have been a whopping €80 for both us.

Hello Sri Lanka

i am traveling to Sri Lanka and i am still worried how will I store my craft things. My place is a storm and hurrican spot in our country  that is why I am a little worried oof the things I will leave behind for thre months.

Upon looking over the internet, I found out that there are nice slef storage services I can avail. I looked for and  compare self storage and i found out they are quite cheap. Looking forward to visiting their facility next week for an ocular.

The Best Wood Watch Ever




I was currently gifted by my boyfriend a cool wood watch for our anniversary. It is our sixth year together and I am happy we made it this far. We had a lot of challenges we faced for those years and I guess those challenges made us what and who we are right now.

During our first year together, we had a lot of fights. We usually talk over the phone, shouting and cursing words like there’s no tomorrow until we wake up the next day realizing how stupid and childish and foolish we were. Those times made our relationship stronger than ever.

There was also a time when we had a long distance relationship. He needs to study abroad for six months and we only get to use Skype and other forms of comminicatiom just to get in touch. It was a tough one for me but I just trusted him and our relationship that we will hurdle the challenges.

And so this year, we had our sixth year together and we could not be any happier. I gave me a nice leather jaclet which he can use when hi is on a motorbike adventure with his friends. But I actually did not expect anything in return. I was surprised to that I gound aa small wooden box in my bed with the card saying “Hapy Anniversary My Love” written nicely in it. When I opened it,I saw a locely wood watch I haven’t not see befire. It was oerfectly desisgned ans it has really nice shade–brown.

I asked him where did he buy this Zegarki best wooden watches , and he wouldn’t tell me. I guess I just have o hope he gift me with another one because honestly, it is very lovely!


Wrinkle remedy


Any type of wrinkles or lines or acne scars, wrinkles or sagging, spots from age, any discolorations whatsoever, any place in your face that you may have lost collagen or elastin, any type of Scar, including a stretch marks, can be helped for sure by this amazing product. All you have to do is wash your skin with this amazing Vitamin C serum, make sure it’s dry and then apply to your fingertips, to your freshly washed face, or even your neck you need it, just applying this rubbing it in after your face is already cleaned, you just put another layer of this on your face will totally absorb it, and you’ll be feeling very good right away. Can you believe how good of a deal this thing is? Too good to be true? I thought so too, but I really kind of know it’s the real, real deal. For real. No questions asked. Nothing better than this serum, I am literally sure of it.


City tour with a wood watch

When taking travel photos, always ask yourself, why am I capturing this subject? Do not just take random shots; be mindful and creative. Is this building an excellent piece of architecture? Does this monument represent the culture of the town/country? Does this view manifest the beauty of this place’s tours. Allow yourself to imagine things farther than what meets the eye. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And while you are at it, have a city tour and wear comfy clothes. I recommend you wear comfy walking shoes, a cute yet trusty backpack, and wear a nice wood watch to match your style.

Showing gratefulness

I am so loyal to Juju supply. Honestly, I find that this company is just getting more and more successful, and they have earned every single bit of that success, in a way that is more exciting and important than so many other companies on the planet, it is such an interesting and important development in the history of spiritual healing and jewelry products intertwining with each other. So, when the holiday season is about to arrive, what are you going to do? Where are you going to shop for people? Like I said, if you have any type of spiritual or physical ailment, from depression to cancer, and especially Cancer and a lot of ways, these wonderful pieces of jewelry do so much for people like you, and they can do so much for people in your life who suffer from these types of things as well, when given as gifts. For me, I was given a gift when I was suffering from an intense physical ailment, and I am so grateful that I was given that gift, and I think that the products that this store sells have the ability to turn somebody’s entire life around at a time when they need it most. Seriously, I don’t think that there is a way to say anything negative about this company. The owner beat cancer two separate occasions, and then made the necessary shifts to create a company like this, and to focus on healing others with the beauty of mental, spiritual generosity and compassion. Seriously, this is the type of product that just makes people so much more confident in their spiritual authenticity these products themselves have price tags, but the service they provide is absolutely Priceless, although it is insanely, intensely, all-encompassing Lee valuable within itself. Seriously, this is going to be the type of thing that Inspire so many people, not only the products themselves, but the story of the Creator, who survived cancer twice quit her job, and began to develop this amazing jewelry that can totally help people who are going through a hard time by providing them with a meaningful and spiritually rewarding and generous piece of wonderful jewelry.

Giving value to customer

So, if it is difficult to add are you it’s valid to the consumer, this must mean that the answer to the common question, “is Amazon Prime Canada worth it?”– is a definite yes. In my opinion, it must be a definite yes. Especially if you’re a student, like myself. You see, I’m a student here in Vancouver, and it is really hard to justify buying services and memberships for things like this, even though the student discount on Amazon Prime is so inexpensive. And, to tell you the truth, once you apply the student discount, it becomes really hard to justify not having an Amazon Prime membership. If you watch things, like stream shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime streaming service is becoming just as good, even better in the case of some series, and is actually significantly cheaper. Not to mention Amazon Prime also continues to deliver a wide range of different products at a pretty quick and expedient rate, for no cost to Amazon Prime members. Can you believe that? No cost. Sometimes, if you need it delivered very quickly, you can do something like 1-day shipping in a moment’s notice for $4. $4. In my opinion that is just so exciting. And, in some areas of the states, where Amazon Prime has always been a little ahead of the curve, compared to where they’ve been in Canada, there are enough Amazon Prime warehouses, that you can actually have a product within 2 hours of ordering it with very little delivery charge if any at all.  Not only are they doing this with Netflix, but obviously with their online store they’ve began to do it with eBay, by offering them a comparable type of online shopping experience, and then they also have Amazon photos. Amazon photos is pretty self-explanatory, but you don’t necessarily need to use that cloud storage for photos.


A great lensman knows how to be updated

I truly believe that the photographer, specifically the digitally literate online photographer, has never been in higher demand. As a matter of fact, I can say that with quite a bit of certainty. Because this is an industry that just keeps growing and growing and growing, rather than fading away, you can obviously tribute that to the trajectory of the industry that photography is based off of, or the industries that is based off of at least. I’ll lot of Photography has a lot to do with promotion and General commercial purposes. Yes, there are new graphic  Photography markets as well for specialist, which fit into certain niches and things like that. The other thing was photography is that it lends itself to being able to being practiced by basically anybody comma all you have to do is see what things are and see how you see them, and have an urge to share their secret beauty or some kind of perspective on them with the world. So, it is a natural form to democratize. There’s not a bunch of techniques and skills that are extremely esoteric or difficult to learn, it is totally accessible for almost anyone, and it only takes some lessons that can personally impact you in a positive way to get to decent level, even though many great photographers are almost completely self-taught. When it comes to Advanced Equipment, that stuff takes lessons. However, with the rise of mobile phone technology and its relationship to photography, it seems like almost anyone can learn how to master mobile photography with the great filters that are available and other such technology. So many great amateur accounts create photographs that end up making a lot of money or getting a lot of attention. It’s a pretty amazing State of Affairs, that technology has become so accessible that somebody can hold one of these devices without even ever utilizing its power, or understanding the gravity of the situation at hand.