Women and ATVs

For years ATVs were primarily used by men to help out on the job or to carry him back and forth from a hunting blind ( I bet they need those amazon tactical flashlight that time). Oh sure, some women rode the ATVs during this time, but not many, and if they did it was just to do some chore around the house. Things have sure changed in the past few years. Today a growing number of women are enjoying the growing number of people who have discovered the fun of riding an ATV.
During the infancy of the sport of ATV riding, whether the ATV was a sport bike or an utility bike, there were few women to be seen on the trails. Slowly, more women began showing up on the trails, usually young women riding as a passenger with their boyfriend. Not very many married women had begun riding, but as the sport grew, so has the number of women riding and not just young women. Today it is not unusual to see moms and grandmothers enjoying ATV riding on the many trails America has to offer.

Today women have become more independent in regards to ATV riding. Sure, we still ride behind our guy, if we choose. But more and more women are found riding their own, yes their own ATV, not their husband’s or boyfriend’s. And don’t be surprised if you come across women riding without a male counterpart, there are even single women who not only ride their own ATV, but know how to load it and unload it and haul it safely to the next destination. Interesting, huh?

If the women riding their own ATVs were asked why they are riding, there would be several different answers. some will answer that they enjoy riding their own ATV because the ride is actually fun. Other will answer that they don’t always enjoy riding like their husband or boyfriend. They may not enjoy the speed or the mud or it could be just the opposite! Another reason often given is that ATV riding has become a family sport and often Mom and Dad have their kids with them, so mom needs to have her own bike. Whatever the reason, it is nice to see more women on the trails.

My own family has been enjoying the sport of ATV riding since about 1998. During this time we have had the opportunity to watch this sport grow right before our eyes. For us, this began on a hunting lease in Southwest Louisiana. We joined the lease and bough our first ATV to carry my husband and son to the hunting blind and hopefully, the kill of the day. Morning hunts were strictly the husband and occasionally the son (he was maybe 6). Mom and daughter had no intention of getting up early enough to make the morning hunt! Afternoon hunts were another story. They soon became all 4 of us, the son, the dad, the 8 year old daughter and myself, on one ATV. Not a good thing, we decided very soon. So the search of another ATV began. We soon found our second ATV and along the way decided we enjoyed the ride form the hunting camp to the blind more fun than sitting in the blind, waiting and waiting. We found ourselves enjoying the off-hunting season extremely fun, when we could ride the trails on the lease.

As the years passed, the kids grew and eventually they took over the second ATV we had bought. Thus, mom ended up riding with dad, or we both ended up being chauffeured by the kids. This definitely has it advantages and disadvantages. Soon though, the kids became very typical and it was plain to see that they could not share an ATV. So number 3 ATV came home for the daughter and the son got number 2. Dad was totally happy, he had his ATV back and mom was happy because everyone was together with minimal kid fussing.

Now a little info on my family. All our ATVs are four-wheel drive and 2 of them have been customized for mud riding. These customized ATVs belong to the males in our family and mom rides with one of them. It didn’t take my husband long to learn that mom doesn’t always like going where he goes. So this February, 2006, he surprised me with a trip to the Honda shop to pick up the ATV that I had wanted for several months. Now we are a family of 4 ATVs and enjoy our time together on the trails. And the 2 women in this family couldn’t be happier.

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