How to Choose a Daycare Center for Your Child; What Questions to Ask

Before placing your child in day care you must rid yourself of the guilt of placing your child in daycare, your child will thrive normally without affecting the parent child bond , of course the child might cry once the parent leaves but the teacher (provider) at Teddy Kids Kinderdagverblijf is usually trained in the area of gently calming crying children, once your child gets used to daycare, he/she will most likely let loose, and feel more comfortable departing from you, the child will begin to see that day care is an opportunity to explore, learn, and make friends. If you don’t rid yourself of guilt, it will get in the way of you choosing the best daycare for your child.
The different types of daycares

When choosing a daycare for your child it is important to know the different types of daycares, there are two types of daycare; Facility daycare centers and Family and Group daycare. Facility daycare centers are structured with up to 12 or more children in attendance, these centers have to pass routine inspections by the state for health and safety. Family and Group daycare is where the provider provides care for up to 8 children in their home (with an assistant) this type of care must also pass an inspection for safety and health, and the provider must be also licensed while having experience caring for children, they must also be CPR approved. When deciding whether to chose a Facility daycare center or a Family and Group Daycare, it is important to hold the best intentions of your child in mind, you must also go with what you as a parent feel more comfortable with.

The first thing to do is search for daycares that are easily accessible to, or more convenient for you, you may want to ask friends and relatives what daycare they send their own child to and have them tell you a little bit about the daycare, and if it sounds interesting to you, then you can request more information about the center. You should also check with your state’s childcare resource centers for information on daycares in your local community or city also; check your library, or city hall. One you obtain a listing of the daycares in your area; compile a list of potential daycares that interest you. Remember to keep in mind whether you want part time or full time daycare because some facility daycare centers won’t take children part time, if the facility centers are for children part-time may just charge by the hour.

Once you have your list, you should call the daycare to make an appointment to meet with the head of the daycare so that the policy and procedures can be explained thoroughly y to you in person, at this meeting your questions should be answered and you should also get a tour of the daycare, it’s best to see where you are sending your child before you send them if you can. If you can not visit the daycare then you should call the daycare and request an application, (enrollment package) this package should have all the information on the daycare’s procedures and policies as well.

Some questions to ask the child care provider.

What are the provider’s credentials? What is their experience with childcare education?

How long has the provider been with the daycare?

Is the daycare licensed, registered?

Does the daycare provide insurance if the child gets into an accident at the daycare?

What is the policy on discipline?

What is the cost for full time/ part time care? What type of payment so you accept? (Vouchers?)

What is the staff turnover rate?

Are parents allowed to come in to observe their children unannounced? (Parents should be able to!)

What is the emergency policy?

How do you handle the children who have a hard time departing from parents?

Are there any negative reports filed with the bureau? (You should research this one yourself)

Is the staff CPR certified? Do I have to pay if my child is sick or on vacation?

Who takes care of the child? Who is the substitute if that teacher becomes sick?

What is that person’s credentials, and experience with children?

Are providers and those working around the children screened?

What If I am late picking up my child?

What will the child’s day consist of?

What is the child to adult ratio? (The lower the better)

What are the days and hours that you care for children?

What is the policy on administering medication?

What is the procedure for nap time, how long do the children nap?

Will meals/snacks be provided? What if I forget to pack a lunch/snack?

Is a calendar available of when the school is open and closed?

What is the daycare’s philosophy on child care and development?

What is the procedure for drop off and pick up?

Is the parent allowed to stay with child on the first day until he/ she is comfortable?

Be sure to add your own questions to this list, never be afraid to ask the daycare provider any question you may have.

Remember to always go with your gut feeling when choosing a day care as well.

Once you feel as though the daycare has answered the questions to your liking and comfort ability level, then you should fill out all proper papers to enroll your child. It is a good idea to start the paperwork early because no slot is guaranteed at daycare, there may even be a waiting list.

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