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For those of you who are still unaware of LightCMS, a content management system for web designers, no longer are you in the dark. If you’re into web design, and have been looking for a better, or simpler CMS solution orĀ asp .net cms, then I welcome you to the Light. With top notch innovation, a wonderful graphical user interface, friendly support staff to walk you through any necessary steps, and a free website offer, this is definitely something worth checking out. LightCMS is a hosted solution, so you’re never responsible for security or feature updates. This is taken care of so you can focus on web design and broadening your client base.
This CMS is massively scalable allowing you to manage all your client sites under one umbrella account. What’s great about LightCMS is that you are encouraged to resell the platform as your own, making a monthly profit on the markup of your choice. With reseller privileges, you decide what to charge your clients. Depending on the amount of time you may spend on the design of the site, you could also negotiate a fee for your extra services and expertise.

If you would prefer to seek out clients and not participate in the designing phase, LightCMS offers you many design solutions. First, you could utilize their network of design professionals that have already experienced success with the platform. They offer many services, and can cut-up and seamlessly implement a current site into the CMS. Secondly, LightCMS has over 75 template designs available for use right away. With access to the website files, and even allowing for FTP access, you are encouraged to make custom design changes to suit you or your clients needs.

LightCMS provides you with options and settings to bill your clients directly so you don’t have to worry about that aspect of your business either. With these settings in place, you are free to focus on increasing the number of client sites beneath your account. With any system there is a learning curve, but what’s great about LightCMS is that it’s supported, and they offer online tutorial sites specifically for resellers, clients, and an advanced user forum for the more adventurous designer. Don’t worry if you’re not a part of the geek squad. Even you will be able to administer design changes, content updates, and user permissions on your site.

LightCMS uses what they call Elements to add functionality to the platform. With a blog element, calendar, text element, or photo gallery, you already have a great start to any web page. When you add the Form builder, template ready designs, product support and the ability to use your own custom domain name, LightCMS is deserving of being noticed.

There is plenty more that comes with this system. With evites, donations, integration with PayPal, Google Checkout,, AspDotNet Storefront,,, the ability to add widgets from many 3rd party applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and more, it looks like LightCMS has been overlooked by many needing similar solutions.

What’s great about this CMS solution is that when it comes time to update your website, these developers couldn’t have made this any easier. No longer are you required to contact your web designer to change a simple phone number or address. Now, you can administer these changes in a matter of seconds, and even set up a new client website in less than a minute.

You can receive a free 3 page website by going to Even if you never upgrade your account to one of the many paid packages, you are allowed to post unlimited blogs and calendar events, and even host a form that will notify you when someone clicks the submit button. There’s a whole lot more, so you may find it worth your time to check it out.

Originally designed with the designer in mind, LightCMS will allow users to access their website, and feel like they have all the control. For those of you who are not daunted by the code, there’s great news. LightCMS gives you access to the template files that generate your page content. You can make changes, edit them at any time, use FTP to update files and folders, and even customize your style sheets when necessary. Chose from Youtube,, or as a video hosting solution that integrates with LightCMS perfectly. Feel free to add Flash content, and subscription links to blog posts that send email updates automatically with the use of Feedburner. You can even add Google Analytics to your individual pages.

LightCMS is a great content management system that is continually updating their product to provide great features, ease of use, and innovation you just can’t find with other CMS solutions.

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