How to Boost Your Productivity as a Writer


Freelance writing is a rewarding career choice. Writers can write about what even when ever where ever. Freelance writing offers us the ability to make money while doing something that we are passionate about. We can use that passion to both make a living and to help others. What a wonderful and promising combination.
How productive one is can be determined by how much one gets done. Have you ever had a nonproductive writing day? This is the type of day that writers dread. To be nonproductive is to not get much if anything done. What writers do is write. When we have nonproductive writing days we lose pay. There are many reasons that any given day could be nonproductive. Maybe you or one of the children are sick, or you have appointments. Or maybe you just don’t feel it and the words aren’t coming easy. Nonproductive days happen to us all.

How can writes increase their productivity? How can we eliminate most if not all of our nonproductive days? There are several ways that we can do both of these things.

First of all, understanding that everyone has a nonproductive day every now and then will help.  It will help if you have a diary, take for example the latest from personalised diaries from Toad. Often times a nonproductive day brings undesirable feelings with it. Some people become frustrated knowing they didn’t get much done. Others begin to feel overwhelmed when a nonproductive day strikes because it’s a lot like falling behind. As with any other problem in life, knowing you are not alone can make a world of difference in how you feel. Many writers experience nonproductive days. Do they get down about them? No, they keep trying to be productive, to increase their productivity.

Writing comes from within. Another way to increase your productivity is to realize that. When it’s all in you all you have to do is let it out. Sometimes we are what blocks our own flow. Keeping in mind that all we need is within us helps us to understand that the key to being more productive is to simply allow the words to flow. Hold nothing back. If it’s all in there waiting to come out then let it. Once writers know how to let it pour out they will find that their productivity level has skyrocketed.

Another way to increase your productivity as a writer is to allow more time each day for writing. A writer cannot expect to have a productive day when they only set aside three hours for writing, for example. However, if a writer rises early and devotes much of the day to writing they will certainly get a lot done. Productivity levels will rise. When this is done each day your weeks will have increased in productivity. You will get a whole lot more done, and your weekly earnings will reflect this.

Knowing that the amount you earn is determined by how productive you are can also help you to increase your productivity level, each day, week and month. It is always good to set a goal. Goals can help us to be more productive. Let the goal you set be your motivation. Motivation is yet another thing that we can use to increase our productivity as writers. It’s all in you, and it’s all up to you. Thanks for reading and take care!

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