How to Make Extrra Money Delivering Newspapers

Every newspaper has newspaper subscriptions. They need people to do deliver their newspapers to people at their homes. Look in the classified ads of your local newspaper for an open route. If you don’t see any ads of jobs you like, take hospitality jobs for example, call your local newspaper and inquire about newspaper routes that might be coming available soon. If there are some, make sure you have them take your name and number to get in touch with you when it does come available.

Find a newspaper delivery route that best suits your needs. For example, if there is an open delivery route 10 miles from you, and you have no car, that becomes almost impossible to do. On the other hand, if you have no car, and the route is a walk route in the same town you live in, it can be possible for you. Motor routes pay more because they usually give you a mileage allowance to off set how much gas you will be going through.

If there is an open route you are interested in, ask what the average monthly pay is, how much you should make on tips, and the number of customers. In my local newspaper, the walk routes usually have between 30 to 90 customers each and average between $60 to $120 a month not including tips. This will vary depending on newspaper companies and size of town or city. A motor route usually has between 100 to 150 customers and they average about $400 to $1,000 a month, not including tips. Again, this will vary on how large of a motor route you have.

Once you get your route, the paper company will print up a customer list with names and addresses. With this list in hand, start to map out an initial route. I say “initial” because you may find other ways to do it more quickly once you have done the route for awhile.

After getting the hand of newspaper deliveries, you may be able to add another small newspaper home delivery route to increase your earnings and tips. Unless you have a large route, most newspaper deliverers have more than one route.