My first task

We will be celebrating our company’s 60th anniversary and I, being in the HR department, was tasked to arrange an event for it.

I am very honoured, having been part of it for the past six years, that is why is also important to me that I have celebrated my sixth year in this company. Imagine, after college, I was hired right here. My first taks for this project is to have a website for the company. I am now seeking out the help of my friends from ranking hostingów  and I am excited to collaborated wit them on this endeavor.  Since I am an information technology graduate, they decided to let me deal with it.

I am a little expert in computers and dealing with the internet is my forte. I was just happy that they entrusted a little task that for them, it is really big to deal with. Since then, they have entrusted me to more and more tasks which I gently obliged as I am enjoying my work there. I also worked with some of my colleagues who are now my lifetime friends. I love how we hang out after work. My boss is also the best.

He is my mentor and he has been with the company for 25 years and I think, he will be one of the next board members. With this task he gave me, i am dealing with it with 100 percent effort and I can’t wait for the project to come.

I have sourced some manpower already and we are going to have our meeting next week. I am so excited for this because 60 years is not a joke for a business and I am happy I am part of this company.


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