Giving value to customer

So, if it is difficult to add are you it’s valid to the consumer, this must mean that the answer to the common question, “is Amazon Prime Canada worth it?”– is a definite yes. In my opinion, it must be a definite yes. Especially if you’re a student, like myself. You see, I’m a student here in Vancouver, and it is really hard to justify buying services and memberships for things like this, even though the student discount on Amazon Prime is so inexpensive. And, to tell you the truth, once you apply the student discount, it becomes really hard to justify not having an Amazon Prime membership. If you watch things, like stream shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime streaming service is becoming just as good, even better in the case of some series, and is actually significantly cheaper. Not to mention Amazon Prime also continues to deliver a wide range of different products at a pretty quick and expedient rate, for no cost to Amazon Prime members. Can you believe that? No cost. Sometimes, if you need it delivered very quickly, you can do something like 1-day shipping in a moment’s notice for $4. $4. In my opinion that is just so exciting. And, in some areas of the states, where Amazon Prime has always been a little ahead of the curve, compared to where they’ve been in Canada, there are enough Amazon Prime warehouses, that you can actually have a product within 2 hours of ordering it with very little delivery charge if any at all.  Not only are they doing this with Netflix, but obviously with their online store they’ve began to do it with eBay, by offering them a comparable type of online shopping experience, and then they also have Amazon photos. Amazon photos is pretty self-explanatory, but you don’t necessarily need to use that cloud storage for photos.


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