A great lensman knows how to be updated

I truly believe that the photographer, specifically the digitally literate online photographer, has never been in higher demand. As a matter of fact, I can say that with quite a bit of certainty. Because this is an industry that just keeps growing and growing and growing, rather than fading away, you can obviously tribute that to the trajectory of the industry that photography is based off of, or the industries that is based off of at least. I’ll lot of Photography has a lot to do with promotion and General commercial purposes. Yes, there are new graphic  Photography markets as well for specialist, which fit into certain niches and things like that. The other thing was photography is that it lends itself to being able to being practiced by basically anybody comma all you have to do is see what things are and see how you see them, and have an urge to share their secret beauty or some kind of perspective on them with the world. So, it is a natural form to democratize. There’s not a bunch of techniques and skills that are extremely esoteric or difficult to learn, it is totally accessible for almost anyone, and it only takes some lessons that can personally impact you in a positive way to get to decent level, even though many great photographers are almost completely self-taught. When it comes to Advanced Equipment, that stuff takes lessons. However, with the rise of mobile phone technology and its relationship to photography, it seems like almost anyone can learn how to master mobile photography with the great filters that are available and other such technology. So many great amateur accounts create photographs that end up making a lot of money or getting a lot of attention. It’s a pretty amazing State of Affairs, that technology has become so accessible that somebody can hold one of these devices without even ever utilizing its power, or understanding the gravity of the situation at hand.

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