Know How To Bake

Six years ago, I know nothing about baking. My mother and father knows how to bake. My sisters too! And I am the only one in the family who does not know how to whip up a good cake or even a cookie! Not that I do not want to learn. I just don’t have the time back then because I was finishing school. I mean, I can not juggle attending a baking class during the weekend because I need to finish my thesis or a research paper. I am always buried with research papers.

But when I graduated, I set the time to at least learn some. I started out with having tutorials with my mother, who will teach my two hours during Saturday and Sunday. I also give time for myself to watch YouTubbe tutorials on how to bake cake and cookies.

I also attended a few classes (a short course in fact, in one of the baking academies in the city). I learned a lot from it! From baking 101 to the use of every baking tools. Aside from that, I also met new found friends named Sam, Kimmie, and Geraldine. They all have their own baking shops and online shops.

Honesty, I am quite envy of them. I wanted to establish a small business, and eventually have a business website to reach greater market. I can actually incorporate mg college degree-which is entrepreneurship to my latest venture.

I am glad my parents and my husband are also supportive of this decision. I have already talked to some people who will be my partner. A year ago,  I held a charity event where I had a bake sale and the proceeds will go to Wilma’s Charity House for Kids. The charity is a house for abandoned kids and Wilma Seifert, the owner, will gladly help me in the marketing side.

Are you also an avid baker? Why not make a business out of it? Or are you a wannabe baker? You will get to your dream if you make time for it to learn and develop your skills! Go for it and just like me, I know you can do it also! Just keep on doing hard work!

In the meantime, I would like to share this video i found on YouTube which can help you in starting out.

Check this video tutorial if you want to start baking your own cakes and cookies!